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Legal Scanning




Among our highly focused specialist services are those we provide to the legal profession.


For these and other legal clients, a key facet of our work is the scanning of relevant records for discovery and to contribute to substantially improved case management. In so doing:


  • Documents are converted into searchable PDF format files that facilitate highly efficient and comprehensive investigation.


  • Records can be simply indexed and formatted for easy loading into tools such as Case Book.


  • Multiple copies of data, in different formats, can be readily created for other parties.


  • A complete range of documents can be captured including word files, spreadsheets, technical drawings, images and hand-written material.


  • Scanned documents can span each facet of the legal process. From client interview notes through to case assessments and investigations. From summons and complaint through to pre-trial pleadings and trial preparation. And finally to trial and appeal.


  • The significant costs associated with the manual filing and retrieval of documents can be largely eliminated.


  • Overall security, including the prevention of document loss as a result of fire, is improved.


  • The risk of document loss is far more effectively prevented.


  • Existing electronic files can be indexed into the document sets and made word searchable.



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