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Medical Records

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Among our highly focused specialist services are those we provide to the medical profession. 


For these and other medical clients an essential facet of our work centres on the efficient management of patient records. Through this, practices and clinics can:


  • Ensure patient records are available wherever a practitioner is working.


  • Provide immediate online access to records across multiple centres and away clinics.


  • Enjoy far lower costs than those associated with the long-term storage of hard copy documents.


  • Secure your records from unauthorised viewing.


  • Enhance overall security, including the prevention of document loss as a result of a fire.


  • Quickly and easily retrieve any needed records.


  • Substantially reduce the significant costs associated with the manual filing and retrieval.


  • Link records to account and administration systems, again for easy retrieval.


  • Separation of files based on who the doctor was for company restructure.


The ability to include electronic images and data generated by medical equipment such as X-rays.


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