Document Management


Document Management is often misunderstood like what your problem involves, who is responsible and how serious the problem is. We have helped educate and change the way businesses manages their documents.


Here are some considerations to discuss with your team.


Knowing that you have a “document management problem” is a good start, but document management can mean many things to a consultant. Look at the following areas:


  • Is it a problem with paper documents?

  • Is it a problem with electronic documents?

  • Is it both?

  • Does it involve routing documents through a workflow process, like an accounts payable (AP) process?

  • Is it a problem with an existing system?

We specialise with the whole process of getting the paper document and its data into a database or system. Our solutions are customised to your requirements.

The “document problem” may take some amount of time to define properly. It can be straightforward or highly nuanced leading you in many directions.

Try thinking of your “document problem” as a symptom of a greater, more pervasive issue.



We have found the real problem is mismanagement, lack of management or basic inexperience in how things work and operate.

If you don’t solve the real issue, you are simply putting a bandage on the symptom. We are experienced and versed in flushing out the underlying root problems and establishing the problem’s origin.


  • What type of systems do you use for accounting, human resources, marketing and sales, for example?

  • Do you have an existing document management system? What is it, and why is it not working out for you?

Many companies that are new to document management do not have a records retention schedule and other governance policies in place to manage the documents once they are in the system.

This is just the start of the conversation, but we hope they are useful and prompt some discussion within your team.

Feel free to expand on these with your own ideas and thoughts about the advantage of our knowledge and history.


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