Plans and Drawings Conversion

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Maps, plans and drawings of various types and sizes can be scanned from a maximum of 1.1m wide and unlimited length at a very high throughput rate. Scanned drawings can also be used as a template to convert documents to CAD or GIS formats.

A wide range of file formats are available to suit client requirements and can be supplied on clients’ removable media or burnt to CD.

A database of drawings can be created and used in conjunction with specialised software to provide fast efficient retrieval, viewing, redlining, networking and batch printing or emailing of large drawing archives.



At SCS we have always had a strong focus on the special requirements of ‘large format’ or technical drawing scanning.


  • We can scan large format black and white or colour documents.
  • We can accept wide format media up to 1.1 metres wide by an almost an unlimited length (including standard A0, A1, A2 and A3 formats).
  • Our scanning service can even process documents up to a half inch thick.
  • Fragile documents are meticulously handled to ensure the original is never damaged.
  • Resulting images can be provided in a variety of formats and resolutions to ensure they suit your exact needs.
  • We can also convert documents such as hard copy maps into 3D models or technical drawings into CAD files.



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