Microfiche Scanning

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For many years we have helped businesses convert important microfiche archives films into electronic digital formats. Microfiche scanning converts these films into electronic archives to create a full data index for fast and easy retrieval.

Microfiche has long been used to store media, documents and images. It’s archival properties and small size made for easy and efficient storage. Thanks to advances in technology there are now smarter alternatives.

We can assist you to ensure your microfiche records remain secure and accessible.



  • You can instantly retrieve, print and distribute documents without the need for special equipment or off site retrieval
  • You can convert the microfiche data into editable formats including;


    • Word
    • Excel
    • Databases
    • TIFF Image
  • Decrease ongoing costs associated with dedicated microfiche equipment
  • Free up space currently taken up by dedicated microfiche equipment
  • Original films can be stored off site for improved disaster recovery
  • Document access can be controlled and monitored more efficiently